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From: Tom Cup
Subject: Tommy Series (Growing Up - Revised) Chapter 4Copyright 2000, 2001, russian porn tgp 2002 by the Paratwa Partnership: A Colorado
Corporation. All rights reserved.No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means electronic or mechanical, except in the case of reviews, without
written permission from the Paratwa Partnership, Inc, 354 Plateau Drive,
Florissant, CO 80816This is a fictional story involving alternality sexual relationships. If
this type of material offends you, please do not read any further. This
material is intended for mature adult audiences. Names, characters,
locations and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or
persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.************************************************************************Tommy
By Tom Cup
Part 2
Growing Up
Mr. Westenberg's tongue slipped into my mouth; his hands roamed freely over
my naked body. I kissed him trying to force more of myself against his
body. His right hand slipped between my legs and his middle finger
penetrated my eager ass. I moaned loudly. He smiled at me and began
licking my nipples while sliding his finger in and out of me. I reached
down and russian girls beauty sex grabbed his cock; and began stroking it."Suck it for me," he said. I was only too happy to obey. I wrapped my lips
around his cock savoring the taste of it. I flicked the tip of it with my
tongue causing him to moan loudly. He began bucking his hips; his cock slid
smoothly in and out of my hot, moist, youthful mouth. He began sucking me
also. He took my entire cock and my balls into his mouth, licking and
sucking me, driving me crazy with passion.I pumped my hips as he sucked me, my cock growing harder by the moment.
Sweat was pouring off my body. I wanted him to fuck me. I couldn't wait any
longer.As if reading my mind, he pulled himself out of my mouth; turned and threw
my legs over my head; ramming his cock into my ass. I screamed out in pain
and pleasure. He fucked me with total abandon; pushing deep inside of russian fee sex movies me.
I screamed again and he covered my mouth in a hot passionate kiss.I felt his cock swell within me. Sweat dripped from our bodies. "Oh God,
I'm cumming!" he screamed. I shut my eyes and let his pumping cock and hot
cum send me shooting into spasms of joy. I opened my eyes and looked up
into the eyes of... a dead, lifeless, Mr. Steel. I screamed and russian vigins
woke up.My body was as wet with sweat as my underpants were with cum. I was panting
as much from my sexual release as from the fright of the dream. I had
awakened Mom and Dad who were now at the door; dazed, confused, and worried."It was analsex russian just a bad dream," I tried to explain, "I'm sorry.""God Stan," Mom said, "He's russian xxx video drenched. russian porn list
We've got to get you out of those
clothes.""I can do it Mom," I said"Let's go," she said reaching for me, "I want you out of those things right
now.""I can do naked russian newscaster it!" I screamed."I'm just hardcor russian lesbians going to..." Mom tried to explain"Maureen!" Dad said drawing her attention, "He said he can do it."Mom looked from Dad to me, and back again, before she left the room crying.
Dad stared at me as I held the covers close around my body."You forbidden russian thumbs going to be all right?" he asked. I nodded and he left the room closing
the door behind him.I went to the bathroom still shaking from the dream. I took off my wet
T-shirt and threw it in the hamper. Next I russian topless removed my soiled underpants and
rinsed them in the sink before adding them to the bin. I grabbed a towel
and began cleaning myself as the tears flowed freely down my face.
"OK," Keith said stuffing another fry into his mouth, "You gonna tell me why
you've been so bitchy all day?"He was right of course. I had been a total ass the whole day. I couldn't
get that damn dream out of my mind. I got sent to the principle's office
for refusing to get dressed for gym; I did absolutely nothing in any of my
classes; I sat at lunch with Keith and said nothing; but now, at McDonald's
for our weekly `date' I didn't know how to tell him about the dream or that
I had been lusting over Mr. Westenberg."I just had a bad dream last night," I began sheepishly, "And I couldn't get
back to sleep."Keith took a swig of his soft drink, let go a long exaggerated belch, which
almost made me laugh, and said, "So what was the dream about?"I sighed, "Promise you....""Hey, Keith!" the voice came from behind me underground russian porno and I knew immediately who it
was. Randy Carpenter. He was one of the guys who always got picked to be
captain of some thing. With him was a group of four other boys; most of
which I couldn't stand. He came over to the table, his `boys' followed
behind. He looked at me but immediately began speaking to Keith. "Hey, man,"
he said, "We were going to go and shoot some hoops. You want to come along?
We could use another man."Keith looked at free russian porn index me. He knew how I hated playing sports. I knew how much he
loved them. He had tried to teach me a few things but I just wasn't into it
and we had agreed in the end that I just wasn't the sports kind. It wasn't
that I was uncoordinated or anything. I liked swimming and running. But I
did those things just for the joy of it not to compete against other people."Uh, you can come too," Randy added, far to late, looking at me once more
when Keith hadn't answered right away."What russian nubile sex
do you think?" Keith asked me.I had meant to say `No I don't want to go and I don't want you to go. I
need to talk to you. I need you to help me figure this thing with the dream
out.' But I heard myself say, "I don't care.""Great!" Keith said and gathered his things to leave.I didn't move and sat there fighting the confusion that was making smooth russian twinks me feel
like naturist russian girls a leaf in a whirlwind. Keith stopped at the door and came back to the
table when he noticed that hardcor russian lesbians
I had not followed him."What's the matter?" he asked, "I thought you said you were coming with
us?""I thought we were gonna do katherina russian xxx something," forbidden russian thumbs
I whispered."But you said it was OK," Keith responded in confusion."Hey, you coming or not?" Randy yelled from the door."Hold on!" Keith snapped. "What's the matter?" he asked me."Just go," I said, "Your friends are waiting." I regretted saying it as soon
as it left russian slut galleries
my mouth. I saw the confusion in Keith's eyes turn to anger. He
turned and headed for the door; he stopped to look back at me, and left.
I don't know how long I had been sitting there when Mr. Westenberg walked
through the door. He smiled and waved at me as he went to the counter to
place his order. I watched as he took his drink and turned to come toward
me. "Hi Tommy," he said, "Mind if I join you?"I agreed and he went and got his napkins, salt and ketchup. He had just
returned with them when the girl at the counter motioned that his order was
ready. He came back with his Quarter Pounder No Cheese, and Large Fries,
and sat down at the table with me. I felt a little nervous. Like he was
going to say, `I know you were dreaming about me last night' or something."So you look russian mature
like you just lost your best friend or something," he said
taking a large bite out defloration russian real shock of the hamburger.I smile slightly. "Something like that," I said."Want to talk about it?" he asked dipping a old russian men nude few fries in ketchup before
popping them into his mouth."No," I answered, "It's OK." I was waiting for him to say something about
my dosing off in class. But he didn't and I was happy just watching him
eat. I never russian lola angel knew that I could be jealous of a French fry, but there I was
thinking how lucky those French fries were to be put into his mouth. I
blushed a little at the thought and my cock stirred in my jeans."You want anything?" he asked"No thank you," I said, "I ate a little while ago with Keith." I managed
not to say the first thing that came into my mind, `Yeah, I'll have an order
of you!'"You and he are pretty close, huh?" he asked."Yeah, unless one of us says something stupid," I said without thinking."I see," he responded, "And which of you put his foot in his mouth today?"I had to laugh and admitted to myself that I really did forbidden russian thumbs liked Mr.
Westenberg. "I did," I confessed.We sat and chatted for about an russian topless
hour. He asked how long Keith and I had
been friends and I told him about the camping trip when me meet. Not
everything, mind you, just the respectable parts. I told him how we mowed
lawns together during summer vacation, and stuff like that, and all the
while I was stealing glances at him, committing to memory what he really
looked like.His eyes were green like mine but stood out more being framed by his silky
black hair; not brown mind you, black. I loved looking at his eyelashes,
which were thick and full. `Mom would die for eye lashes like that,' I
thought to myself. His hands were well manicured with no sign of a wedding
band to my delight. In school, he had been wearing the same white dress
shirt he had on now but with gray dress slacks; now he was wearing jeans."You live around here?" I asked."Yup," he responded, "In the old brown stone down the street."I knew the building. It had been gutted by fire when I was just starting
first grade. Mom told me that there were six apartments in it back then but
the new owners, who had just finished russian lola nude renovations only two years before, had
turned it in to a quadraplex. It wouldn't be too hard to find out which
apartment was his. I didn't know what I would do once I had that
information but I knew I had to know.************************************************************************You'll find my newest writings at http://tomcup.iscool.net. I also recommend
visiting these sites:Boyztown - Gay Pictures and Stories
http://www.boyztown.netGirlztown - Lesbian Pictures and Stories
http://www.girlztown.netEroscities - Featuring the writings of Richard Dean
http://www.eroscities.comAlternative Lifestyles of Youth - Advice, commentary and Youth Related
http://www.anysexuality.comAll my best,Tom Cup"Why is it that the words we write for ourselves are so much better than the
words we write for others?" Sean Connery as William Forrester in the film
"Finding Forrester."
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